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Ordnance Factory Khamaria Natya kala sansthan aims to put 'hindi play’s and theater' together and parallel to be introduced with a broad vision, creativity and analytical insight which will convey the actual NATYA style in its developed and expanded form. We are truly devoted for searching an eternal thrust for such creative possibilities, social and cultural responsibilities which will raise the social status and personal development.We feel that perhaps in lack of such opportunities hindi theater had suffered a lot with an illusionary thinking, that theater is only associated with entertainment and not concerned with social responsibilities. We have a great conviction to rectify all these illusions and try to re-examine and rewrite the history of Hindi theater in a new form..


Established on 01 march 2006, Ordnance Factory Khamaria Natya Kala Sansthan’s RANGYATRA started with “AMEEBA” and with progress it  left its mark in our country’s different states and cities like Gurgaon, Bareli, dehri-on-sone, Varanasi, O.F.Itarsi, O.F.Kanpur, Bikaner, Cuttak, Taj Mahotsav in Agra, Banglore, Calcutta,Bhagalpur and still going on continuously with its 87 successful presentations. Some of the plays which are presented by the sansthan are  Ameeba(Ramashanker Nishesh), Fandi(Shanker sesh), Natak Nahi(Laxmikant Vaishnav),Aashadh ka ek din(Mohan Rakesh),Andha Yug(Dharmveer Bharti) ,Charandas Chor(Habib Tanvir), Budh ka Sandesh(Jitender Trivedi), Mumkin Hai(Mukul Arpit), Kafan(Munshi Premchand), Khel Jari-Khel Jari(Radha krishn sahay), Court Martal(Swadesh Deepak), Thankyou mr. Glad (Anil Barve), Balak (Munshi Premchand)Andhe Kane(AAtamjeet),Goutam Budhha (Shirish Gontiya) etc.


Ordnance Factory Khamaria Natya Kala Sansthan is  proud to have started an 'Art college' which is  to train children,youth and parents all type of classical , semi classical and folk dances ,classical and semi classical singing styles,Indian and western instruments by teaching them as syllabus bound subjects, such as Kathak, Bhrat Natyam, sugam sangeet ,spanish guitar, synthsizer, tabla, pad,and classical music.

We have also provided training for acting courses. This collage of JABALPUR is the first collage of performing arts in the state of M.P. which is  started with an aim to provide its students a graduation degree in acting. We also have planned to prepare our disciples in such a way,that they too experience the thirst and power of art,and join us in our journey ...



Ordnance Factory Khamaria Natya Kala Sansthan is registered  to  Registrar Firms & Societies, of Goverment of Madhya Pradesh, and Registration No. is 04/14/1/11240/09



नाटक यानी क्रिया, अथवा क्रिया-व्यापारों का समूह। इसलिए नाटक कही भी ,किसी तरह खेला जा सकता है चाहे मुक्ताकाशी मंच पर या पर्देवाले मंच पर अथवा कि पूरे ताम-झाम के साथ या कि बगैर किसी बाहरी तैयारी के केवल अभिनय और केवल अभिनय के सहारे। नाटक किसी भी तरह के मंच से बंधा नही है। आज नाटक यथार्थ का भ्रम Illusion of Realty पैदा करने के लिए, फिल्मों की नकल करने के लिए मॅंहगे सेट, प्रकाश, मेकअप, वेशभूषा, आदि चीजों में हजारो रूपया खर्च करते है जिसे पूरा करने के लिए टिकिट लगाया जाता है। इसलिए रंगमंच अब सीमीत  लोगो एवं महानगरो तक ही रह गया है।  नाटक बिना किसी खर्च के, साधारण वेशभूषा में कही भी किसी भी परिस्थिति में कुछ प्रतिको के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया जा सकता है। ताकि अधिक से अधिक कलाकारो के माध्यम से नाटक के संदेश को अधिक से अधिक लोगो के बीच जा सके।

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