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Mr.V.M.Ignatius JOURNEY OF A THEATERIST                      



God's own land 'KERELA' is also known as a state of artists.On '1st december 1958' this holy land was blessed with a baby boy in a middle classed roman catholic family,to a wonderful couple Mr.George vaveenj and Mrs.Mercy vaveenj. They lived in a small village of KUNNATHAKAL named 'MANIVILLA'which was aprox.25 km.interior to THIRUVANANTHAPURAM district. He was the youngest among three sisters and two brothers.hence, was loved by his elders and was kept on feathers.He was lovingly named "Laddu" [named after an indian sweet]. It is said that he was bit by the insect of acting since his childhood.His father was in military and in the year 1960, They transfered and got settled in Jabalpur in M.P.From here began his struggle to become an actor.Being god's child,he was a multitalented boy. He was blessed with a melodious voice too which he made his strength through his self practice,and devotion towards the feild of art even without a GURU.

                                                  " AN ACTIVE SPORTSMAN"

It resulted in his schooling, when he represented his school basket ball team at district zone level. Being a government servant,he continuosly won gold medal  since 1984 to 2000 'inter ordnance factory & equipment factory cycling tournament'.he represented M.P.twice in "OPEN NATIONAL SENIOR CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIP"-Hyderabad,Delhi. After some times this sportsman devoted him self completely for theater.

                                                    " HIS THEATER LIFE"

In the year 1980, under the banner of Trimurti Natya Sangh he started his journey as an actor.He had to face many hazards which could have become hurdles to achieve his destiny.He even spent some of his struggle period being unsupported of his family.But being determined,ambitious and hardworking ,finally in the year 1984, he established his own theater group known as Yuva Natya Sangh. .Under this banner he presented approximately 25 plays and more than 150 performances of these plays which created a new chapter in the history of Jabalpur theater 'THE SANSKARDHANI'.

During his Natya yatra he achieved a great fame not only as an actor, but also as a director.he performed at several renowned stages as-  Sanjeev kumar Smirity competition, Delhi / Patliputra Natya Mahotsava, Patna / Akhil Bhartiya Natya Competition, Mousami Gorakhpur, Rissali theater,Bhilai / Allahabad Natya Sangh, Prayag, gurgaon Bareli etc.

Continuing the services he presented his performances at the stage of Khajuraho Mahotsav, Bramhakumaries Asharam Mount Abu, BHEL, Jhansi, Kaimore, Damoh, Gwalior,Raipur etc.  He is internally associated with some other theater group like Smiriti Natya Sangh, Bahurang Samooh, Sanjha Rangmanch, Jabalpur etc. Approximately 10 years he organized Natya Mahotsavas ,different dance and music competitions .Some renowned artists of Mumbai cine world Mr. A.K Hungal, Ifthikhar, Deena Pathak, Basu Bhattacharya etc.themselves admired his performances.

Starting from VFJ as a government  servant looking at his hard work and achievements, on the recommendation of a senior General Manager Mr. A.M.Naik, He got transfered 2005 at khamaria Factory. After coming in OFK, he picked out some best jems who were the raw artists,whome he polished and  established O.F.K. Natya Kala Sanstha. At persent its secretary is Mr. Pankaj Verma .This Natya kala sanstha has presented 65 impressive performances of many plays and re-established the Natya Culture in O.F.K. campus.

It is noticeable that during 4 years of his Rang Abhiyan in o.f.k.with in 6 days of Natya Mahotsav , he presented 3 play alongwith Mohan Rakesh’s famous “Aashad ka ek din “ and its 3 continues performance .

Inspired by the positive & warm response of the audiences with in the time interval of six months. He presented Dharmveer Bharti's “ AndhaYug” continuously for 6 days and breaks the mith that Jabalpur has no audience for theater. He performed on almost all the well known and established writer like Bhatendu Harishchandra, Darmveer Bharti,  Mohan Rakesh , Habib Tanvir, B.V.Shirovadkar, Dr. Shanker Shesh ,Radha Krishan Sahay etc. Simultaneously he played Mr. Mukul Arpits “ Mumkin hai”  Mr. Jitendra Trivedi's poetry “ Buddha Ka Sandesh” write from Sanskardhani & surprised the audience of Jabalpur.

His  most renouned performance including Charandas Chor,  Jasma Odhan, Vidushak, Andhayug, Asadh ka ek din, Amiba, Khel jari-Khel jari, Fandi, Munnibai, Andhe Kane, Choro ko bhi laaj aa gayi, Kafan, Thank you Mr.Glad, Natak Nahi etc. inspite of that his name is also associated with the production and direction of 3 tele films Aashirvachan, Astha ke deep, Parinaam and Smriti.

One of the most important character in the life of this succesful actor is Mrs. Josephin Ignatius.his wife. her devotion and co-operation played an important roll in his life.the most admiring of all this is that they didn't stop here with them.they hv introduced their children in this field and today the family works together.he began his natya yatra all alone and today he has his family,two teams with their families all together devoted  to this field.Thus this represents his success and achievements.he havn't stopped yet.



1.Best Director

2.Best actor

3.Best actoress

4.Best child artist

5.Best play write

6.Best production

7.Best lyrics

8.Supporting roles

                                                      "  A social actor"

He never performed for the sake of name,fame or wealth.theater is his passion.he was offered a several times to come out of jabalpur and to perform in television but his love towards his land which made him an actor never wished to succeed solely.he aims to provide jabalpur the real mening of sanskardhani.His contribution and true devotion for theater must be appreciated and we wish him and his team good luck for their future.Till there are such theaterst we can never see theater dieing.

future.Till there are such theaterst we can never see theater dieing.

                                               WE SALUTE SUCH ARTISTS.



Pankaj verma